ABLE: A Gamification Effort

ABLE, Ability Based Learning and Employment, aims to develop a gamification tool to help adults with disabilities transition into the workforce. In the USA, disabled graduates often encounter limited job support compared to their nondisabled peers after completing high school or college.


There is a lack of accessibility features on job search platforms. This poses challenges for individuals with disabilities as these sites lack accommodations for visual or hearing impairments, hindering interaction and navigation. Despite various disability-focused job boards, their designs closely resemble mainstream platforms that engage with nondisabled peoples.

There is a lack of specialized training programs tailored to meet the unique needs and talents of individuals with disabilities. It’s tougher for folks to find a great job because there aren’t many special training programs that help everyone, especially those facing challenges.

There is an absence of tailored mentorship programs and support networks. This exacerbates the challenges faced by people with disabilities in job searches.

Filling these gaps is crucial to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for their transition to employment.


ABLE’s team – Yajie He, Brooke Ro, etc. – are developing a needs assessment for this project to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in our community, guiding smart decisions and making sure resources are directed where they’re needed most. It’s the roadmap to developing effective programs that continuously adapt to better meet the changing needs of our people.

We are working to identify gaps in current workforce transition tools and support systems while engaging with individuals with disabilities to gain insights into their workforce entry experiences.

Analyzing both successes and challenges can provide valuable insights, informing comprehensive plans that champion and empower individuals with disabilities in their career pursuits.