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Gentrification Risk Assessment Tool

This team is dedicated to addressing gentrification by developing the Gentrification Risk Assessment Tool, GRAT, an online tool to monitor gentrification in North Central Florida and serve as a model for scalable solutions that can assess the risk of gentrification in communities.


Gentrification is a global issue affecting numerous communities, displacing long-time residents due to an influx of wealthier individuals, businesses, and housing developments. It disproportionately impacts low-income residents, immigrants, and people of color.

In Gainesville, gentrification is a growing concern, particularly evident in the division between East and West Gainesville. The University of Florida’s campus expansion and new apartment complex developments on the east side have reduced affordable housing, directly impacting historically Black neighborhoods.


Gentrification is a multifaceted phenomenon influenced by various social and cultural factors, making it challenging to track effectively. To understand and address this issue, we need to delve into a wide range of data points that impact the growth or regression of gentrification.

Our strategy involves a comprehensive data analysis that considers variables such as job growth, traffic congestion, housing availability, public policies, cost of living, housing prices, and other supply and demand factors. These factors collectively contribute to the dynamics of gentrification.

It’s important to remain adaptable in our approach, as the availability of specific data for Gainesville and North Central Florida communities can vary. We will primarily draw from reliable sources like census data to ensure the accuracy of our analysis and the subsequent development of the GRAT.

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