FCI is empowering young professionals and students to create an app called GoBituary (like an obituary, but on-the-go!) and run associated outreach programs for community historical education and enrichment. With a pilot project in City Cemetery in Miami – 1800 NE 2 AV, Miami 33132 – this app will walk the community through history at the level of individual lives, prompting park visitors to scan QR codes on specific graves and thus engaging these visitors with multi-media histories about the individuals commemorated in the cemetery.

This project leverages the power of the arts (specifically storytelling) for community building, with the hypothesis that educating community members about history could prompt them to feel more connected to Miami and more civically engaged.

Support GoBituary

With your support, we will build a high-quality tech product that makes history accessible to people of all ages in Miami and honors the individual lives that compromise Miami’s diverse and rich history.

FCI is seeking to raise $10,000 to completely support young professionals and student workers building the app.

Initial mock-ups of the app

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