P.A.T.H. Navigation App

PATH (Pedestrian Avoidance of Traffic Hazards) is web-based navigation app that helps Gainesville pedestrians plan the safest route to their destination. Simply enter a destination, and PATH will give you turn-by-turn directions that will not only get you to your desired location, but also allow you to avoid high-risk traffic areas!

The app uses historical traffic data from the Gainesville Police Department to highlight areas with high concentrations of traffic crashes involving pedestrians. Scroll below the app to get detailed instructions on how to use the app, learn about the data, and more public safety resources!

*Users are limited to 5 uses of the direction feature due to licensing limitations. The app can only locate addresses identified by the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service.

How to Use the App
Feature Overview
Find Directions: Gif (~30 seconds, only on mobile)
Find Directions: Written
Step 1: Click on the Directions widget in the left-hand corner
Step 2: Type your location of origin next to #1. Type your destination next to #2. To use your current location for any of these inputs, hover to the right and click on the current location symbol. You can add stops using the “Add” button.
Step 3: Click on the drop down and select the desired mode of transportation. Use the scroll bar to view all options.
Step 4: Drag the line representing your route to avoid high-risk areas. Refer to the legend (the button next to/above the directions button) to help identify these areas. You can click and drag along the line at any point to change the route.

If you need more room to view the map, collapse the directions widget by clicking the button outlined in the star as seen above.
Step 5: Your turn-by-turn directions will update automatically as you change your route. Use the scroll bar to the right to view all your turns. Use the print button to print your directions.
About the Data

PATH pulls traffic data from the City of Gainesville’s Open Data Portal via the Socrata API. The heat map shows the geographic distribution of traffic crashes involving at least 1 pedestrian in the last 5 years. The app updates as traffic records are entered into the Open Data Portal.

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