Studying Abroad Without Breaking the Bank: Advice from Erika and Aimee Clesi

On November 9, 2022, students from Florida Community Innovation interviewed Aimee and Erika Clesi, recent Gator grads and identical twins, about how they were able to study abroad multiple times while enrolled at the University of Florida (without breaking the bank!). Erika is now a journalist working in Florida and Aimee is a Rhodes Scholar studying at Oxford.

Aimee and Erika specifically participated in the Beyond120 exchange with Royal Holloway and UF in Valencia. They shared tips about how they secured scholarship support to make these experiences happen, including the Gilman Scholarship and funding from the UF International Center.

We are hoping to reach Pell grant recipients at UF with our webinar (for example, you have to be eligible for the Pell grant funding to apply to the Gilman), though all students interested in study abroad will likely learn something about how to apply for scholarships!

Watch the recording below, and email any questions for Aimee and Erika to

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