Summer 2022: American University School of Public Affairs Graduate Student Research on Enhancing Stakeholder Participation


Report:  Arnesen, M. Brown, R. & Maher, E. (2022). Enhancing Stakeholder Participation for Florida Community Innovation. American University.

Toolkit: Arnesen, M. Brown, R. & Maher, E. (2022). Incentive Toolkit. American University.

Building on research conducted by American University graduate students in Spring 2022, FCI requested Summer 2022 graduate students to conduct research and develop an outreach and strategy plan to increase Map resources and municipality partnerships in Southern Florida. After an in-depth review of governance structure and resources in three targeted municipalities to assess capacity, findings demonstrated that municipalities do not have the resources to provide social services directly. Instead, counties are responsible for providing social services to residents of municipalities. This paper describes a two-prong outreach and strategy approach to increasing Map awareness among non-profits and county governments in Southern Florida. The project also included the development of an incentive toolkit for public consumption that FCI can leverage in outreach campaigns.

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